OHS Training

There is a legal requirement to provide training for OHS – WHS.

Covering – Acts / Policies / Legislation / etc,etc.


  • Emergencies emergency procedures including evacuating the premises
  • Using the Emergency SMART APP
  • First Aid
  • Use of personal protective equipment, and
  • return-to-work coordinator training.
  • All Policies eg OHS / QMS / EMS plus plus
  • All Procedures
  • Understanding – Legal
  • Understanding AS 4801
  • Understand Harmonization


1  Day OHS – WHS – Awareness Affordable Course held at your Workplace, covering – Acts / Policies / Legislation / etc,etc.


Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801 – 2001

The spotlight is on companies and directors to ensure that their workplaces are risk assessed and employees are suitably trained. An OH&S system to AS 4801:2001 “BEST PRACTICE” can be designed to suit your organisation’s needs & budget.
It’s really important that OH&S Systems are in place to safeguard your greatest asset – your staff, and to protect you and the business from breaching the act and potential prosecution.
Affordable Risk Assessment / JSA Training of your staff and/or Risk Assessment of your plant & equipment can also be undertaken.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 – 2016

A Quality Management System can be specifically designed to suit your business needs and customers’ requirements within the framework of standard ISO 9001:2000. Certification and the use of the highly recognizable quality certified logo “5 ticks” gives you considerable prestige and sets you apart from your competition.
The Quality Management System is a user friendly business tool you use to maximize control while expanding your business. It takes your business aims as a starting point and systematically addresses your business practices & processes to ensure they help to meet these aims.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 – 2016

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Organisation are conducting business within complex legal structures and environmental performance expectations are becoming more onerous.
To operate effectively, organizations are now required to demonstrate proactive Management of the environmental impacts of their business activities.
An EMS establishes the means for improving performance and moving towards environmental sustainability through best practice, such as ISO 14001:2004.

Integrated Management System Q/O/E

A combination of the processes, procedures and practices used within an organisation to implement the organisation’s policies, and which is more efficient in delivering the objectives arising from these policies than multiple systems.
Developed for the business who needs all the management systems running together in a user friendly way and at Best Practice.
DAASS’ Integrated Management System embodies compliance / certification in ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management, AS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management & ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Management.
Our efficient and practical integration means systems components, forms & paperwork are not triplicated. They are integrated into one system that has teeth without excessive paperwork. Time is Saved, Impact is Maximised.

Federal Safety Comission FSC

As part of the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme), audit criteria have been developed to improve OHS performance in the building and construction industry. These audit criteria form part of the requirements for both gaining and maintaining accreditation under the Scheme.
DAASS can assist to gain accreditation under the Scheme.

Systems Management Support

Even if your systems are already set up, we can provide a first class, cost effective & practical Systems Management Solution to you. Our specialization & experience ensures that you have the expert input when you need it. We devote energy & time into your system/s all year round, avoiding the period of “Management Frenzy” that often happens prior to audit time. We manage your audits for you and, with our system, you are always audit ready.

Staff Training

A critical element in optimizing your organisation’s performance is Staff Training. Relevant training ensures that your staff have the necessary competencies required to work efficiently and within regulatory requirements.
We have an active training program running throughout the year to provide the training that you may require. Please call David Armitage on 0412 114 808 if you require any further information.
Systems, systems management & training can be structured specifically to meet your organisation’s needs and to suit your budget.
We’ll call you soon to find out whether we can help you and your organization and if you would like to meet our CEO, David Armitage for a brief, no obligation chat about your business needs.

“Manage your risks & take your business to the next level..!”

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Course Contents


Legal Requirements OHS Act 2004 A
Legal Requirements Regulations 2017 B
Understanding  AS / NZS 31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines  –

Replaced AS 4360



Understanding AS 4801- 2001 D
Understanding National   –  Harmonization Program. E
Emergency APP F
Codes of Practice /  Compliance G
MSDS Understanding H
The Learning Process I
Understanding Competency J
Understanding Hazards  – Hazard Identification and How it Works K
Understanding Safe Work Method Statements ( SWMS ) – Refer Example –

Manual Handling



Legal Understanding M