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Manage your business The Clever Way with an android tablet

• Legal Requirements • Document
• M.S.D. • Risk Assessment (R.A)
• Skills Matrix • Site Audit
• Audit Schedule • M.R.M
• Records • I.A.R.
• Processes • Toolbox
• S.W.M.S • Computer Backup
• S.M.P • E.M.P
• P.M.P • Forms
• ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801 compliant + More


Smart Forms



Clever Digital Management System – the way of the future. It converts all your forms into electronic smart forms, enabling them to be used on-site, filled in, signed off and forwarded along to your head office via email, with just the press of a finger.

Clever Digital Management System has GPS which provides your head office with : –
– Location
– Start up & finish times

Clever Digital Management System allows you to capture digitally all forms of documentation, for example: delivery dockets can be captured into your digital Diary.






Clever Digital Management System can do more, quicker, simpler:

  • Take and insert photos where you want in your document
  • Drop down menus for quick selection
  • Take GPS Location where you want in your document
  • Signature where you want in your document
  • Email from within the document

Clever Digital Management System ensures by the minute communication between the field and office with management fully informed at all times.

No more lost paperwork, no more filing, no wasting time.



Versatile and Flexible




Let your forms do more, faster:


  • Insert the GPS so you know where it was completed.
  • Insert GPS next to a photo in a form so you know where the photo was taken
  • Insert scores in a table and have them automatically added
  • Personnel can sign with their finger inside the form
  • Shape the form the way you want it.



Simple to use




Clever Digital Management System has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Straight forward commands, large text and in everyday terminology.

No crowded screens and no complexity.

Designed to be used by all personnel, even those who have never seen a computer before!

On-site training is available as an optional extra.



Leading Edge Program




At last a program that allows you to complete all your forms without compromise.

It offers immense possibilities in terms of fast form filling, sending, and capturing information on the go.

Just imagine having the ability to know what is happening at each of your workplaces at any point in time.



Clever Digital Management System is leading edge technology!

It provides your business with the opportunity to harness the possibilities this technology offers,
freeing up your personnel from time-consuming tasks.

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App Overview

The Most Advanced Document Writer! … “If I don’t get the emails from my supervisors I know to chase them up…this Program is just what I needed to keep tabs on what’s going on.”

Go Green

Clever Digital Management System requires NO paper to operate, hard copies are a thing of the past. Clever Digital Management System creates and operates with soft copies. After years of talk at last Clever Digital Management System has the solutions to a paperless office.

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Clever Digital Management System – the way of the future.

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